Hello Foodies! Welcome to our Blog!


Hi all!  Welcome to our first blog entry.  In good spirits, I will begin our blog with a positive post!!  Wednesday night, Omar and I visited BoneFish Grill in Troy.  You know, the fairly new one on Big Beaver. Well, we arrived about 7:30 and the place was packed.  We had visited the week prior on a Wednesday, and got right in, so tonight’s crowd was unusual.  We enjoyed our experience so much the week prior we decided to return.

We took at seat at the bar, and quickly entertained by Colin, our friendly and charming bartender.  We enjoyed the ambiance so much at the bar we decided to stay right there!  Although delighted that they carried Rochester Mills, Milkshake stout, one of our favs, we decided something in the cocktail family sounded better.  Omar got his classic gin martini, with 3 (not 4, not 2) anchovy stuffed olives (which Colin happily stuffed by hand just to accommodate) . I got Colin’s now famous Mojito.  Cool and so refreshing on a hot night! And of course, dining with Omar makes any evening hot 😉 Colin even introduced us to his own “Moonjito” which is a Mojito made with moonshine. I will review that when I am brave enough to drink.

We started the night with Bang Bang Shrimp. Which, by the way are only $6 on Wednesdays! Bonus!!  The are creamy, yet crunchy with just a hint of spice.  They never fail to disappoint.

The kitchen was kind enough to create a Lily’s Tilapia for me, which basically was their Lily’s Chicken substituted with Tilapia.  The Tilapia was cooked and seasoned perfectly, with a lemon butter sauce, artichoke hearts and spinach.  Along with garlic mashed potatoes, and a zucchini pepper side was simply delicious.

Omar got the Ahi Tuna bowl, with passion fruit salsa and a passion fruit chili sauce.  The tuna was (barely) cooked to perfection, and the passion fruit that Omar was not sure he would like was scrumptious.

Overall we had a great night and great food, and for sure will make this one of our go-to spots.  Of course, at the bar, and on a night Colin is working!

And for those of you who know what food snobs we are, and those who do not will soon know, it takes a lot to satisfy our snobbish and refined palates!

Enjoy and look for many more upcoming posts. We have a lot to review!!

One thought on “Hello Foodies! Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Bonefish is one of my favorite standbys. I’ve not been to the one in Troy but the one in Novi (many times). Bill the bartender was always awesome and takes great care of his clients. The bang-bang shrimp is ah-mazing – Always! Loved reading your blog Jen. I’ll watch for more posts!
    – Tami


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