See Food Anyone?

My sister has been in town visiting, and she, my brother and I stepped out for a (what we thought) would be a quick dinner. We went to a seafood restaurant near Somerset Mall, let’s call it SchMormicks and Micks. The place was pretty empty for a Saturday night. We arrived at I think about 6:30 so I expected a full house with a wait. We requested a more private booth off to the side, as we were discussing some pressing issues, and were told that they were “all reserved” and we were unable to be seated there. She put us in a booth right near the hostess stand. I guess we looked like trouble!!

It seemed forever until our waitress even came. After we ordered our drinks, we proceeded to wait probably another 15-20 minutes for them just to arrive. My Mojito (yes another Mojito, it is summer after all) was very good, made with both dark and light rum.

The waitress at that point was kind of all over the place. Didn’t know the menu, did not know what different types of oysters were, or what sides came with what meals. When asked, she merely pointed out entries on the menu and read them to us verbatim. Thanks, I really do know how to read.

My sister ordered Surf and Turf (with Beef Medallions), my brother stuffed flounder, and I got the filet Oscar style. We were told these dishes came with no starches, so we ordered lobster mashed potatoes on the side.

My sisters meal came with red skinned potatoes after all, turns out we didn’t need the lobster mash, but it was interesting and really good. The food was ok. I am not going to rave about it, but not going to gush over it either. My sister’s Medallions and lobster were good, red skins really delicious. My brother’s stuffed flounder although good, was a bit small for a man sized appetite. My filet was seasoned well, but a wee bit overcooked.

The meal with drinks was crazy expensive. The experience would have been much better with a more personable, knowledgeable waitress. Ours was just a bit odd. (When my sister ordered a second Cosmo the waitress just said “yeah, good for you!!” We didn’t know if that meant she was going to bring one or not!!

Overall experience: Very expensive, but didn’t have that pampered meal feel. We had an upscale meal with a waitress best suited for a diner. Limited beer selection, limited side dish selection. Fish and oysters fresh.

Oh, and when we left the restaurant was just as empty as when we arrived, which really made me mad since we couldn’t sit in the special “reserved” seats!!

2 thoughts on “See Food Anyone?

  1. Master chefs I studied with at Schoolcraft said, if given the choice between excellent food/mediocre service, or mediocre food/excellent service, they all would choose excellent service, hands down. That will always define the experience. Difficult to find, unfortunately.


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