I never take anything for Granite

So, my gorgeous hot Jen and I went to Granite city last nite. We decided to split some appetizers and each order a flight of beers. When our beers came, the waiter seemed confused as to which sample was what and then told us that they had to substitute one for another but couldn’t describe what it was. Now the beer samples were flavorful and definitely not watered down like I have experienced at some other breweries. However, it wasn’t very cold. I like my beer cold, not somewhat cold.

Our food came rather quickly which was nice cuz we were hungry. We ordered prosciutto olive flat bread, vodka steamed mussels and Idaho nachos. The flat bread as always was crisp and salty just the way it should be. The mussels were great as always cooked in a spicy vodka infused sauce. Now, Jen didn’t try them because she doesn’t like mussels, well except mine of course. LOL.

The Idaho nachos we have had before and always liked them. Just picture if you will a pile of waffle cut fries with melted cheese, sour cream, scallions and bacon bits. It’s like a loaded baked potato that you could get in a Mexican restaurant. It was tasty but the toppings were sparse. And when the manager came by and asked us what we thought of our meal we told her. She was very friendly and seemed amenable to our suggestions,especially to have the beer colder. Overall, Jen and I had a relaxing meal and for beer snobs like us we recommend that you try Granite city.

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