Not so bad, just ok.

I had lunch with my niece and bro in law this afternoon. They were in the area so they wanted to eat at a local bbq joint that they enjoy. I have eaten here (Bad Brads) a few times as well. I will not claim to be a bbq expert, but I have learned a lot more since my beautiful Jen bought me a smoker. I have learned and continue to learn about the subtle nuances about cooking times and what gives the best flavor yet doesn’t overcook or dry out the meats.

My niece, being ten years old, ordered chicken tenders and mac ‘n cheese. My brother in law ordered a burger and homemade chips. Now I did not try his burger but it certainly looked cooked the way he ordered. But I did try the mac ‘n cheese and it tasted good. Homemade, creamy and some type of Panko like bread crumbs on top. I ordered 3 minis, which are like sliders. One pulled pork, one beef brisket and one smoked turkey. Each one was served on a mini brioche bun.

The turkey one tasted the best, with the  right amount of smoke for me. The brisket and pulled pork had a lot more smoky flavor but couldve in my opinion used more seasoning. Now I like smoke flavor, however, it is mostly a vehicle to cook the food. It should not be a substitute for a killer rub that enhances the low and slow method of cooking.

In conclusion, Bad Brads isn’t bad ass nor is it lousy. Its just ok. But hey just my opinion and maybe I’m jaded, because I think some of the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted is at the Union Woodshop in Clarkston, or at my house or at Michael Kidd’s.

2 thoughts on “Not so bad, just ok.

  1. Hey Omar. For home BBQ, check out
    It covers the science of smoke, fire, maillard reaction (browning meat), with TONS of advice, methods, recipes, and reviews. What they say is smoke is a vehicle for cooking if its cold smoke, like for lox, but it a flavor if hot. Try the Simon & Garfunkel rub on chicken thighs, with applewood smoke!


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