I dabbled in the occult and lost

No not really. I purchased what I thought was a Mexican beer called Oculto. Oculto is Spanish for hidden and each bottle had a hidden message and a cool looking skull on it.  And that my friends is where the fun ends.  The messages on the bottles are dumb and the pseudo tequila infusion is slight at best.  Now I like beer and I like Tequila and maybe this Mexican micro beer made with Blue Agave would be good.  Nope guess again.  The beer has an almost chemical taste to me and isn’t a Mexican beer at all, it’s made by Anhueser-Busch!  I feel like a dumb ass cuz I let myself be duped by cool packaging and an interesting name.  For all you craft beer lovers stay away, far away, from this debacle.  Or you can be like me and try one beer, then pour the rest down the drain.

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