Big Beaver Tavern, get off at exit 69!

My beautiful hottie aka Jen and I were in the mood for bar food in a casual relaxed atmosphere. We found such a place, Big Beaver Tavern.  Its a place where anyone can feel welcome, families, couples, older folks as well as guys who want to watch the big game on any of there multiple televisions.  The menu has classic bar fare as well as a few upscale specials such as Mahi Mahi.  Our goal was that American classic burger, brews and some type of fries.

Our server came over very quickly and presented us with menus as well as a beer list.  You have to like any place where the first beer on tap mentioned is Atwater Vanilla Java Porter.  That’s all we needed to see, because that happens to be one of our favorites, so we ordered two.  The server was very knowledgeable, because when Jen asked  if the fries were battered, she replied yes they are. We said we’re glad you told us because we don’t like battered fries.   Finally, someone who understood what those are! I told her I would have the 4 alarm burger with onion rings and she replied,”You do know are onion rings are battered don’t you”? Love the sass, made me chuckle.   Jen ordered potato skins and a patty melt.

The skins came out first. Nothing fancy just potato, cheese and bacon with sour cream. Jens patty melt was big and looked like it was cooked to order. I tried it and I thought it was good.  Now my burger and onion rings came out with Jens entree.  The onion rings were good and crispy.  Now my 4 alarm burger, had pepper jack cheese, habanero sauce and sliced jalapenos. Sounds hot, but I wanted hotter.  I made Jen try it and she said it was too hot for her, but either way, it was a good burger.

In conclusion, Big Beaver Tavern isn’t a fancy eatery nor is it a corner dive.  It is exactly what it’s trying to be, a nice causal place for a simple meal and a good beer.  I don’t think you will be blown away by the food, but you certainly will not leave there disappointed either.  Jen and I will be back.

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