Vinsetta Garage – You should “auto”matically go!

Went to a business lunch at Vinsetta Garage the other day. Vinsetta Garage on Woodward in Berkley is owned by the same husband and wife duo that own Clarkston Woodshop, which I love.   I was looking forward to checking out this new place and seeing what the similarities were, if any.

Their menu is vastly different than the Woodshop, with a menu weighing heavy with burgers and sandwiches, but also featuring wood fired pizza and pastas.  There is a few main entrees on  the menu, but for a $42 Waygu Strip Steak, I will stick with the burgers.

I ordered the “Vinsetta Burger” which is basically two 4 oz. Vinsetta blend patties cooked through, stacked with two slices of American cheese, L.T.O. (lettuce, tomato, onion), sliced McClure’s pickles, Woodshop MI maple bacon and Vinsetta Burger Sauce (which was kind of like a ketchup-y thousand island). The flavors were great, with the charbroiled flavor of the burger itself, and the smoky salty-ness of the bacon. This was probably by far, one of the sloppiest burgers I have ever eaten.  Thank goodness the napkins (which are so cleverly auto shop towels) were in large supply. This not a meal I would want to eat on a first date.  Not ladylike at all!!

I opted against the fries (I know you are all thinking I must be crazy since they CLEARLY were the hand cut, skin on fries that I love) but I had to compare the famous mac and cheese to the Woodshop location. The mac and cheese was cheesy, creamy and had a baked crispy buttery panko crust. I found it slightly different than the Woodshop, but delicious nonetheless.

Some of the other offerings looked amazing, with bacon wrapped, deep fried hot dogs, mac & cheese burgers,  handcrafted and open fired pizzas and a variety of pastas. They even have tuna casserole!!

I wanted so bad to try the Faygo Rock ‘n Roll flavored nitrogen churned ice cream.  Handmade, sounded amazing, with pop rocks on top!! But alas, was too full to even read the words ice and cream LOL.

The large garage doors open the restaurant up for a open-air feel, and they do have a patio if you can manage to grab a spot.

Ugh, I was so full you had to roll me back to work for a very long, over stuffed afternoon worth of work.

For you car lovers, interesting decor and history in this place. I would recommend Vinsetta Garage to both car lovers and food lovers!!



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