When you are feeling crabby, go to Red Lobster.

This past Saturday, I took my kids to Red Lobster (Lakeside Mall location) for dinner. Now I know what your thinking, I usually avoid the big chain restaurants (Ruby Tuesdays, Olive Garden, Fridays and Chili’s).  I just don’t like those places, the food is never as good as it looks on the commercials and the foods taste is the height of mediocrity.  But Red Lobster is different, I like their food and Saturday was no exception.

We arrived at 530 and the place was very busy with a 20-25 minute wait.  I suggested to the kids, we sit at some open seats in the bar area so we as to skip the half hour wait.  The server greeted us and took our orders.  My son and I each ordered the ultimate feast (crab legs, shrimp and lobster tail) and my daughter, a combination crab Alfredo and crab legs.

Our food came quickly and looked great.  I could see the fascination in my sons eyes as he gazed at the crab legs. After showing my children how to crack the legs, we all dove in. The bartender/servers at the bar area were very busy, but were on top of everything, bringing extra napkins and refilling our beverages. Great service and great food equaled a great dining experience for us. Now of course Red Lobster isnt cheap and I know its not a 5 star seafood restaurant, but it was very enjoyable and my kids left wondering when we were coming back.  Don’t worry I said we will.

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