When your palate needs a massage, go to La Saj!

On Friday, I took my Beautiful Jen to La Saj Lebanese Bistro.  We have been there a number of times and never had a bad experience.  We always order the family combo for two and take food home on every occasion.  Even before you place your drink order, the staff is placing hot fresh pita bread and garlic dip on your table. This dip is so garlicky and awesome there is no need to worry about vampires, ever!  Love it!  Next they bring salads, Tabbouleh, hummus and Babe Ghanoush,which is a creamy smoked eggplant dish.  Now just imagine all this food with the bread before our entree is out yet, we are already full.

The entree consists or rice pilaf, grilled veggies, shish kabob, kefta, chicken kabob, grape leaves, falafel and fried kibee.  A lot of food for 30 dollars, so much so, we eat it for lunch the following day.  For the most part dinner and service was nearly flawless except for the following:  The  salad is good (my dad’s is way better) but needs more of the Bulgar wheat in it.  The grape leaves were kinda listless and flaccid. The taste was good but not exceptional and they needed to be firmer. All the meats were cooked to order and beyond flavorful as was the falafel and kibee.

For those of you who have not tried Mid-Eastern food, because you think its weird and can’t pronounce it, this place is very novice friendly and caters to the American palate. The food is great and plentiful and the service has always been good as well.  However, if your idea of great ethnic food is Taco Bell, then please stay away from La Saj because we will be more than glad to take your seats.

2 thoughts on “When your palate needs a massage, go to La Saj!

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