What’s the Buzz About Mr. B’s?

The ladies at work took me out for my birthday lunch to Mr. B’s in Royal Oak. Now I have been to Mr. B’s as most of you have but I have not been in a while. As it was my birthday and I am whooping it up in preparation of a serious diet and exercise program (following my upcoming mini vacation) I ordered the slop burger and fries. The menu at Mr. B’s has recently changed, offering new selections such as hummus, calamari, a variety of gourmet salads, and new entrees like puff pastry pot pies and pork chops. They still have their classic slop burger, which is a classic burger with your choice of cheese along with mustard, ketchup, mayo, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato, all on a classic sesame bun.

This burger is aptly named slop burger as it oozes deliciousness, all over your chin, plate, shirt… The menu also advertised hand cut fries. I don’t think I need to remind you of my previous “frirade”. These fries were indeed hand cut, but needed to be cooked a little longer, as they were just a bit on the underdone side.

Other ladies ordered the Royal Oak Salad, which they all said was good. A couple ladies were working to stick to a diet, and Mr. B’s accommodate their requests.

Mr. B’s although was pretty empty when we were there, seemed a good place to hang, with pool tables, dart boards and even a ping pong table. I am not sure if I will seek this restaurant out on a regular basis, but I certainly would not turn down another invitation!

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