Brews, Chews and SNOOZE??

After a long day of brewery tours, and an exhausting couple of hours sampling different beers, we moved on to our hotel. Here is where the snooze part comes in.  We stayed at the Doubletree Suites Downtown.  This booked this hotel as it was within walking distance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and many other bars/restaurants.  The hotel was decent, no complaints really.  They do charge extra ($18) a day for parking, which I found outrageous, until we found parking costs money EVERYWHERE! Some lots as high as $35. So the $18 we paid, and trying to walk or take shuttles everywhere paid off.

The room was adequate, and clean, but not real large.  Doubletree has those soft feathery pillows and comforters that I like, which is nice.  The bathroom was so small though, and there was no separate area for makeup, sink, etc.  My bathroom at home is tiny, but this bathroom was smaller. I can deal with the lack of counter space, but the lighting in the bathroom and the room itself was soooo dim, it made getting ready also very difficult. It had a fridge which was nice, and ample TV channels. More than other hotels we have stayed at.

The comings and goings of guests was very loud. The first night we had a couple ladies (which I use that term lightly) fighting outside our room from probably 4:30 am – 5:30 a.m.  Swearing, calling each other every name in the book.  It was lovely. Reminded us of some trashy people we unfortunately know.  I had trouble sleeping, but no big surprise as I usually do in new places.

I did wake up the next day with a super odd rash on my lower inside legs. Both of them.  It was super weird.  I thought I had bed bug bites and flipped out a bit, but we checked everywhere and everything looked fine.  They were not bites, so I think I may have had an allergic reaction to the detergent used on the sheets. At least that’s what the doctor says, so I am going with that. I thought maybe I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or measles or something, but I seem to be fine??

The hotel had a decent pool, and not so decent hot tub. The hot tub seemed a lovely shade of green. The pool was clean though, but we never did swim.

There was a bar & restaurant, called Stadium 3 Bar and Grill.  The menu, as most hotels was limited and overpriced, and although we had intentions of having a drink at the bar, we never did.

The hotel had a shuttle service and their was one lovely older woman who wound up driving us many places.  Wish I got her name, she was very nice and chatty.

I would recommend this hotel, mostly because it has a great location, and really had all you needed.

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