Cruising and Boozing

More Cleveland…

So Saturday we took a tour around the Cuyahoga River with the Goodtime III cruise.  We got their early and got a great set on the top deck. It was a perfect day, not too hot, sun was shining.  The cruise was about 1 hour on the river learning about the history of Cleveland, and an hour just cruising on Lake Erie.  For $17 I would highly recommend this if visiting Cleveland.

So to tie this in to Brews and Chews, we did drink beer on this cruise.  We are on vacation after all!

The beer selection was limited and Omar chose for us Yuengling’s traditional lager. This beer, produced in what is touted as America’s oldest brewery, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, established in 1829! So they must be doing something right.  This beer was introduced to Omar by our friend and fellow beer drinker, Kevin Cole. Thanks Kevin for the interesting bit of beer history!

This beer is a traditional lager, but a far step above the pedestrian beers as we call them. (Bud, Miller, etc.) Amber and medium-bodied, it is roasted with caramel malt for a subtle sweetness.

Interesting bit of Yuengling history. They survived prohibition, when most breweries were going out of business by producing the first “near beer” with a super-low alcohol count, and marketed as an energy drink. They also operate a dairy that produces beer insipred ice cream, like their black and tan, which is not made with beer, but caramel and dark chocolate. Oh mama, sign me up!

One more interesting note. In 2010, Obama stated that Yeungling was his favorite beer.

A great day and a great icy cold beer!  Try them both – I highly recommend.IMG_1590 IMG_1586 IMG_1584 IMG_1573 IMG_1569

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