Celebrating the 4th. Street that is!

Cleveland part, heck I don’t know, I have lost track…

Saturday Evening we took a shuttle to the 4th street area.  This is where Michael Symon of Food Network has his restaurant “Lola’s Bistro” along with such eclectic places as Pickwick and Frolic’s which a comedy club and retro style cabaret, Butcher and the Brewer (featured on Food Networks Burgers, Brews and Q’s), The House of Blues, Chinato’s and many more pubs/restaurants. Although we were obviously not hungry, we wanted to see what the hype was all about.

The street is completely pedestrian, and by that, I don’t mean lacking refinement, but literally, no cars allowed.  I know we throw the term pedestrian around a lot, but in this case it is really true!! Cobblestone streets, cafe’s with awnings, and crowds of people, talking, laughing, drinking, eating. It really is a foodie’s mecca, with such oddities as Beef Cheek, bone marrow, sweetbreads and foie gras and that is at Lola’s alone!!

We settled in a Pickwicks and Frolic since they had a nice open table, right in the heart of people watching country.  I, being super full, ordered a Fat Heads Bumble berry, a honey and blueberry infused beer, with a easy 5.3 apv.  I was worried the fruit flavor would be too overwgelming, but as the cinnamon toast crunch was, this too was mild and fruit flavors were not overpowering.  I really enjoyed this beer, especially on a beautiful summers night.  Well beautiful until it started to sprinkle on us!!

Omar ordered a Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter by Willoughby Brewing Company.  A mere 5.5% by volume, it did indeed have flavors of chocolate, coffee, deep roasts and of course, a subtle kiss of peanut butter.  I found it odd, and personally would never order nor drink it, Omar enjoyed it, and even searched it out when we got home.  Beer Advocate gives it a 92% satisfaction rating so someone must really like it!! Well I may be brave enough if this was included in a flight of beers, but not on its own!

It started to sprinkle, so we finished our drinks.  The patios were clearing out as the crowds ran inside, apparently afraid they would all melt. We decided to meander and stroll back to our hotel, taking in the sights of the city along the way.  They had a restaurant called the chocolate bar, and I wished we weren’t so full The deserts looked delicious, and all the savory foods were prepared with candy or chocolate in some way.

It was fun just walking among the skyscrapers and hustle and bustle of a large city.  It was a long full day of food, fun and festivities and we still had a day to go!

IMG_1595 IMG_1597 IMG_1601IMG_1594


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