OOOh Weee Loui’s!!

Took a trip out at the last minute to Loui’s Pizza. Omar and I were craving some deep dish pizza and a cold beer.  Now Loui’s in the past has disappointed us with beer selection, carrying the standard pedestrian fare, but this night surprised us, the waitress rattled off the beer selection, to which we replied, “that’s it??” and she said, “oh, and we have some milkshake something”. Our hearts jumped, could it be our coveted Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout? She ran off to check, and to our surprise returned with two ice cold Milkshake Stouts.  Our evening has just jumped up a notch!

Now I know Loui’s pizza has always been good, but I don’t remember the antipasto salad being as good as it was.  I somethings prefer Buddy’s Pizza over Loui’s simply for the salad, but tonight also surprised me.  The salad was delicious!  Not sure if I was starving, or it was exceptionally good, but tonight’s salad surpassed by far my expectations.

The Pizza is, by far, one of the best deep dish pizza’s in the area.  Now Green Lantern has zero competition for the traditional round, but for deep dish I have to put Loui’s as number 1.  Unlike Buddy’s, whose crust I actually prefer, Loui’s does not skimp on the toppings.  Our meat lovers pizza had ample portions of hamburger, pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon. Literally a carnivore’s paradise.  The cheese draped the pizza in a warm blanket of deliciousness.

I seriously had one piece of pizza and got so full.  The crust is so deep, and toppings so filling it is hard to eat two!!

Also at Loui’s I am always bumping into people I know. This night was no different. We bumped into our good friends Kevin and Sherry Cole who also has a last minute pizza craving and know right where to go!!

We highly recommend Loui’s, but if you go, call us!! Nomm Nomm Nomm!!

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