Taco Bell-y ache!!

Took the girls and my 2 nieces to TBell for a quick lunch. Now we know what TBell is, it is what it is, mediocre fast food, as they all are but today’s visit was extra special.

First off, the person taking the order was disrespectful and had that “yawn, I am a teenager what do you want” attitude. We started giving our order and she was not entering into the cash register. When we asked “shouldn’t you be putting this in” she replied “I got this, I have worked here a long time”.  She spoke so fast no one could understand her at all.  She had that eye rolling, you are so dumb look!! Seriously wanted to punch her.

Next, the order took a very long time to make.  Much longer than usual or frankly necessary.  When we finally got it, the toppings were scarce, the hard taco shells stale, and worst of all the fried products (nacho chips and cinnamon twists) were awful like they were cooked in stale grease that plastic had melted into. Tasted toxic!!  

Now Jamie and Allison have worked at other Tbells for 3+ years and knew this was wrong. When Jamie approached the counter, she was told the fry grease was just changed that morning and she was wrong. When we asked them to try it, as it tasted toxic, they refused. We were not offered any retribution, like replacement food, or a refund.  There were 4 employees just standing there saying “what do you want us to do”? Seriously put me off eating at Taco Bell ever again as the food that day was absolutely vile. Not sure if everyone got sick that day, but I know Jamie didn’t feel good and that night I thought I was dying a little.

So I am done with Taco Bell, for a while, and forever at that location.  Probably a good thing since I need to eat healthier anyway.

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