Wrap it up!!

Went to the new Boukie’s Grill for a work lunch on Wednesday.  Boukie’s is in Royal Oak at 11 Mile and Main and touts itself as a “Fine Mix of American, Greek and Lebanese Food”.

They have a large menu, and a smaller restaurant.  In nicer weather, they have a patio where you can eat outside, with lovely views of 11 Mile Road and a delightful view of the side of the building.

For lunch, they have a smaller lunch portion sized menu with salads, combination plates and sandwiches. They start your meal as all good Mediterranean/Greek/Lebanese restaurants do, with hot fresh bread and that killer garlic emulsion.  I ordered the beef schwarma sandwich (although a wee bit put off when they call it generic meat schwarma and not beef) which came with soup or salad and I upgraded to the fries.  The Lentil soup and schwarma wrap were very good and I could have, and wished I did, stop there, but I ordered fries too.  Imagine my disappointment when battered fries were served.  I really need to learn my lesson!

A good lunch, a bit on the pricier side for a comparable meal (I walked away spending $12 and I just got water). But overall, I would go again.

After lunch, we walked down to Royal Oak’s newest restaurant, La Dulce, a Spanish Tapas (small bite) and Churro restaurant with a fabulous decor of hand made Spanish furniture and art, set up like a friend’s living room, with intimate seating.  We looked at the menu and it looks really interesting… look for more to come…..

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