Grilled Cheese, Yes Please!

While in Grand Rapids, I spent the day with my daughter Jamie and later with my other daughter, Allison, too, as Grand Valley is just a bit further than where I was for my HR conference.  Jamie and I were killing time to wait for Allison to get off work so decided to go bum around the mall.  We were searching for somewhere to eat when we saw Tom+Chee, a soup and grilled cheese restaurant.  On a cold day, this sounded just like the kind of comfort food we were looking for.  I guess Tom+Chee is famous for their grilled cheese doughnut.  That’s right, you read that right.  Grilled cheeses and a variety of toppings grilled on a glazed doughnut.  Cut and turned inside out and loaded with fillers.  Jamie and I opted for the “hearty white bread” as the doughnut did NOT sound appealing.  Although they did have a s’mores desert doughnut, grilled with marshmallow fluff, graham crackers and chocolate.  If I had even the tiniest of room left after lunch I could have been persuaded to try it!

We both ordered almost the identical sandwich.  Grilled hearty white bread with mozzarella, grilled chicken, pesto and tomatoes.  I also added melt-y cheddar to mine. They have a variety of tomato soups.  Classic tomato, chunky tomato and a creamy tomato basil.  Also offered is a variety of daily specials, including sandwiches and soups.  Jamie opted for a “dipper” portion of the classic tomato and I went for the dipper sized chunky. Frankly, both soups tasted identical except for the extra chunks of tomato in mine.

Jamie and I both enjoyed our meals, and Jamie commented that she is afraid they would be getting lots of her money in days to come.  Who can say “no” to a rich, melt-y warm grilled cheese sandwich?  I would have liked to see a pickle option on the menu, as since I was a kid my mom served a pickle with my grilled cheese.  Now I feel they go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly!!

This company is really cool.  A couple guys, who started a grilled cheese truck to feed skaters after a long day on the ice.  With determination and drive, they segued their small truck concept into a huge enterprise, with franchises all over the US. They surged in popularity when featured on TV’s “Man vs. Food” and later on Shark Tank.

You can see Adams adventures here.

For the strong of heart, they offer their Bakers Dozen challenge.  Eat 13 grilled cheese doughnuts in one sitting, no bathroom breaks. Not sure what you win – a heart attack? Diabetes?

This company roasts their own meats and make their own dressings, sauces, and spreads from scratch. They also offer gluten-free bread, vegan cheese, vegan/vegetarian soups and make their basil pesto with sunflower seeds (perfect for blog followers with tree-nut allergies).

Really, a good place to eat. Jamie and I give it two thumbs up!! And, you’re welcome!!

IMG_1728IMG_1730blueberry-blue1 (2)


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