Milk + Ice Cream = Heaven. Oh and there was a burger…

Wednesday nights for Omar and I are date night.  We always do something together, whether we go out, order in, or sometimes, if he is lucky, I even cook. Life has been crazy hectic lately.  I feel like I don’t have a second of spare time.  Last night, as you read in Omar’s last blog, we went to the Tilted Kilt.  You can read his blog here.  I don’t really need to throw my two cents in about last night’s dinner, but I will. I thought it was meh, and the “eye candy” which really is the think they market most, didn’t do a thing for me.  Ladies, if you like Hooters, and enjoy mediocre food with scantily dressed girls, then by all means go.  Guys, who am I kidding, you are already probably there.

I am going to spend this blog talking about our previous Wednesday’s meal, which I apologize, is a week late.

I was looking for something different to pick up for dinner. Seems I am limited by carry out options in the area.  A burger sounded good, and Five Guys, my usual go to, was too far and I was feeling unmotivated. I opted for Smash Burger.  There are not a lot of Smash Burgers in the area and we happen to have one close, at 16 & John R.  Smash Burger has a variety of burgers, or you can make your own.  I chose to build Omar and I a couple burgers.  Now Smash Burgers are good.  Better than other “fast food” places and better than a lot of sit down establishments, but not as good as say Five Guys, or Red Coat Tavern.  But Good.  Juicy, flavorful and loaded with toppings.

The fries are good. Skinny, and crisp just like I like them and you can jazz them up with olive oil, Parmesan and rosemary.

However, the star of the night was the “hand spun” milk shake that I splurged on.  Made with Haagin Dazs Ice Cream, and topped with whipped cream they are creamy and decadent and exactly what I needed.  Omar got a chocolate peanut butter, which he said was great.  As it was a couple days before Halloween, I thought I would celebrate that Christmas spirit as all the stores are, and I ordered a Peppermint Chip Shake which was DELICIOUS!! If I can offer you all any advice, don’t let the year end without trying one of these.

Now that all being said, I do think that Smash Burger is far more expensive than the food warrants. The shakes are a whopping $4.50 (ish) alone.  But dang, it was worth it. The family ordering in front of me (family of four) bill totaled $42. All I can say is, save your money, get a burger, but please get the peppermint shake.  You can thank me later.  Or better yet, buy me one too.


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