Joe Kools Not So Cool

It was my Dad’s birthday and my brother and I were taking my Dad out to dinner. Looking for somewhere close to home and we could get a beer we decided on Joe Kools. My original suggestion was Big Beaver Tavern and I was sadly surprised to find they closed. Not sure what happened to that restaurant.

Now Omar and I go to Joe Kools occasionally, but I honestly don’t know why. Although they have a large and eclectic beer selection, the food is usually mediocre and you are always bombarded with fruit flies. Never matters what season, or where you are sitting, you always have fruit flies buzzing around.

This night was no different. It took forever to get our waitress to even take our drink order. Once she finally came with our drinks, my nephews Root Beer, which came without ice, had a fruit fly floating in it. Pretty typical for Joe Kools. I drank about an inch of my beer before I saw the lovely red lip stick on the glass, which would have been ok if I was wearing lipstick. Gross. First rule of bar-keeping – check your glasses before you fill them. I don’t want other peoples lip prints on my glass.

It was almost impossible to get our waitress to bring us new drinks. I asked of they could spring for some ice for the Root Beer, but again came back sans ice. Guess their must be a terrible ice shortage that evening.

Our food was incredible. Incredible at just how underwhelming it was. I ordered a Avocado turkey wrap which I substituted with grilled chicken. It was supposed to come on white lawish bread, but they substituted wheat, which was dry and crumbly and made my sandwich completely fall apart. I could barely eat it, and it was somewhat inedible, so I just ate some of the insides.

My dads buffalo chicken wrap was pretty much the same, although he complained far less than I did. My brother said his tacos were ok, and my nephews chicken tender meal, well what can you say about a kids meal, it was deep fried mediocrity.

I really don’t know why we go back. Maybe it is about convenience. I am not sure how many fruit flies I have actually consumed in those visits, probably a lot. I think I will think twice about returning.

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