Onyx Steakhouse, Did NOT Rock.

Went to Onyx Modern Steakhouse and Whiskey Bar for lunch the other day, to celebrate a couple work birthdays. Now Onyx may look familiar to you, it looks like the old Woody’s reincarnated because it is. Woody’s is gone, and in its place, a steakhouse where you cook your steaks “on the rocks”, or cook by yourself on a steaming hot stone brought to your table.

The place touts itself as being all natural, nothing frozen, all made to order and made from scratch, even the salad dressings. We ordered a wide selection from the menu, from salmon BLT’s, to Chicken sandwiches, to salads, to the stone cooked steaks. Now first, be warned, the lunch menu and dinner menu are different. Similar but different. The prices are different (higher on the newer lunch menus) and you don’t get all the sides during the day.

The steaks are bought sizzling on a hot stone, which if you were on date gives you that stinky “I just cooked my own dinner smell” that I hate, like when you order fajitas. You have to be careful not to overcook the steak because I don’t think they would care if you cooked your own dinner wrong. The steaks are brought with a side of dipping sauces of your choosing. The consensus was that cooking your own food is a pain, similar to melting pot where most of your time is taken up fiddling with your food. The meat was lean and tender and sauces good, overall I believe the ladies liked it.

I however, got a chicken bacon ranch sandwich, which was supposed to come on ciabatta bread. The sandwich came on a french roll, which was a bit dry. The meat to bread ratio was way off. The bread which was like 3 inches high, held a chicken patty that Thor himself must have pounded into a a tiny, thin chicken breast that has to be no more that 1/8 – 1/4 inch thick. A smattering of bacon topped that, with lettuce, tomato and ranch on the side. Now that ranch was good, but I could have done the same with a packet of hidden valley and some mayo.

The fries, thankfully not battered, which was good, came as large steak fries, and those were pretty decent.

Now also note, we came for lunch and pretty much were the only ones in the place. The waitress was very nice but the food took forever to come out. Our one hour lunch spread into a 2 1/2 hour adventure, of which we all didn’t want to take.

I may return, for dinner, but most likely not as I was not overwhelmed with possibility. My food was mediocre, and lacking pizzazz.

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