Eruption of Flavor

Last night I went with my beautiful Jen to Volcano Sushi.  Now I like sushi and sashimi but I am hardly an expert.  This little gem of a restaurant is in Shelby Township behind Outback on Schoenherr Rd. It is very small, seats maybe 40 people and that includes the sushi bar seating as well. The one bad thing about this is that every time the door opens, you feel the cold.

The menu is not very big and they seem to specialize in sushi rolls, many authentic but also others that cater to a more American palate, containing cream cheese, avocado and fake crab. They also offer a variety of wines and some of the classic Japanese beers such as Kirin and Sapporro.

Jen and I ordered the gyoza appetizer and decided to split Bento Box B as an entree. Now gyoza are pork dumplings that are steamed and then gently sauteed after. These are like pot stickers. These were great, really tasty with a flavor I have tried to duplicate in my own kitchen and have fallen short. Certain Asian spices I have had before yet somehow are still not familiar to me.

Before our main entree came, we were served a bowl of Miso soup and a small salad with a peanut dressing. I ate the soup and Jen ate the salad, although we tried both. Now, for those who don’t know what a Bento Box is I will elaborate.

A Bento Box is essentially a compartmentalized tray with different foods in it. The Bento we ordered, had 5 pieces of California roll, 5 pieces of spicy tuna roll and 5 of another roll as well (sorry the name escapes me). There were also 2 shrimp fried dumplings and 4 large pieces of melt in your mouth sashimi. The sushi was very tasty but the sashimi was truly delightful. So delicate and smooth,very subtle almost creamy texture. As great as I described it Jen still wouldn’t try it because its raw, but its wonderful.  Jen and I walked away full from a tasty meal that cost only $21 for the two of us. Now all of you go and eat there and I promise you that you will say Domo Arrigatto for recommending this to you.

One thought on “Eruption of Flavor

  1. Congrats on finding fresh sashimi. That can be hit-or-miss. Noble Fish in Novi is a good place, closest to the source.
    As for duplicating gyoza, my 4 yrs in Japan taught me that the order of introducing spices is as important as quantity. Believe it or not, mixing in karashi (Japanese 5 Spice) before mixing in salt changes the profile from that of salt first. Also, dipping sauce is NOT soy sauce, but a sweeter sauce.


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