Boodles Part Duex

Finally got the opportunity to take Omar to Boodles in Madison Heights. We were on our way to the Token Lounge in Westland. Since we didn’t really know that area, we opted to stop before jumping on the freeway. Which, by the way, is conveniently located right next to Boodles!

You may recall from my previous post “Used My Noodle and Went to Boodles” that this restaurant is one that we go to occasionally for working lunches. It is one of my company’s CEO’s favorites.  As I stated in this post this place really is a hidden gem.  It has that old school mafioso feel. You almost expect an old time Detroit mobster, who I shall not name, to walk in at anytime.

We started the evening with a local brewed beer, Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout, brewed right here in Royal Oak at the Roak Brewery. The beer was strong, with a 8.0 abv, creamy head and smooth finish. Aromas of roasted malts, dark chocolate, oatmeal and black coffee. Served iced cold in a snifter glass.

I ordered the dijon herb crusted salmon, with mashed potatoes, and a cup of french onion soup.  The soup broth was flavorful, but the croutons seemed like rye croutons which I do not love, and frankly could have used more cheese.  Overall tasty, I do only order this soup for the gooey melty onion-y infused cheese on top! Overall warmed me up nicely on a cold day. My main course, the salmon, arrived atop a mound of mashed potatoes, and frankly looked rather unexciting. However, I am happy to admit I was very wrong.  The salmon was juicy, not overcooked, and the crispy dijon herbed coating was delicious.  Combine this with the fresh made mashed potatoes with a hint a garlic, and I was in heaven. My only complaint is that I feel in restaurants, one should not have to choose between a starch and a vegetable.  You get potatoes OR fresh vegetables.  How about both people? I like those restaurants that pair sides with a main.  Salmon, with wild rice and asparagus for example.

Omar ordered the sesame seared tuna.  He was not as enamored by his meal as I was with mine.  He said the tuna had a slight fishiness that fresh tuna should not have.  Otherwise the dish was flavorful.

I must say though, our waiter was exceptional, the service prompt and attentive.  Water glasses remained full, beer brought cold and timely and a great experience.  We actually got in and out much faster than expected.

Would I go back? I do, I have. I went for lunch there just a week later with the president of my company and guess what? I had the salmon again and was not disappointed. I would recommend a visit to this local hidden gem.

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