Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

For Easter, I thought I would try this Facebook recipe for the “Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake”.  Omar’s mom loved lemon desserts, so it seemed like a no brainer.cake

First off, you can get the full recipe HERE.

I made this recipe as 1 1/2 times as much as I wanted extra for cupcakes to sample.

It is a fairly simple recipe.  The arbitrary amount is the “juice from 3 lemons”.  Doesn’t really say how much juice you are supposed to get from this.

It was a bit difficult to incorporate the buttermilk and juice without “overworking” the batter that it keeps warning you not to do. Perhaps that is where the cake went, for me, a bit south.

I thought the overall texture of the cake was heavy and very dense.  With a lemon cake, you want it light and airy, which this was definitely not.  I find blueberries in themselves a bit bitter sometimes. I am not sure if it was the buttermilk in the recipe that had an odd flavor, but between the denseness of the cake, and odd overtones of the buttermilk, I was just not a fan of this cake.

Part of the problem is as well, when you make a cake with a cream cheese frosting, it has to be refrigerated.  That in itself dries a cake out.  Even if you let the cake return to room temperature before serving (which I did), it still seemed a bit dry.

The verdict on this cake was mixed.  Some liked it, some did not.  I was not a fan.  My recommendation to you all if trying this recipe:

When you get to the “adding the buttermilk and lemon juice portion” try adding all at once and carefully folding in.  I tried to alternate as I was afraid the lemon juice would curdle the buttermilk (which I am sure it does, also part of the problem). It is this alternating that I think overworked my batter.

I would also make it and serve it the same day if possible so you don’t have to refrigerate right away.

Or better yet, just make a boxed lemon cake (shh… I won’t tell) and add some blueberries and homemade frosting. Sometimes you gotta go with what works!! I would not make this again.  I would with the lemon boxed cake method, since A. Its easier and B. Tastes better.


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