Murphy’s Family Restaurant Allendale

13100731_10208313247100407_5121992651404002262_nWent to Grand Valley to see Jamie’s graduation. Proud mom moment: Jamie received a graduate of distinction in Biomedical Sciences award (with about 1500 biomedical students only 36 chosen for award of distinction) followed by stole and medal for graduating from honors college with distinction.  She walked across the stage with 3300 other graduates. It’s one thing to get awards in high school but to be honored as a stand out student in a sea of thousands is impressive.

I drove in Friday, so I could participate in the honors awards. After a great day, and making it through my first college party (lucky for me rather tame) we woke Saturday very hungry.

We headed to a local Grand Valley favorite, Murphy’s Family Restaurant.  From what I hear the place is always packed and food good.

Arriving, the busy portion kept its word.  There was quite a line, but we only had to wait maybe 15-20 minutes for a table.

They offered a Saturday morning breakfast buffet.  As a total lover of food, I usually like buffets for the variety, but usually am always disappointed with the quality of the food.  I took a look at the buffet and it offered everything I was craving, from scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese on the side, bacon, sausage, french toast sticks, pastries, fruit, and even corned beef hash and biscuits and gravy! For $7.99, I couldn’t say no.

The french toast sticks were crispy and sweet.  I am not sure what it is about eggs cooked in bulk, but they are never like real eggs, and these were the same. Tasty though. I covered mine in salsa and cheese. Yum!  couple slices of crispy bacon, some sausage (actually kielbasa which was weird but good), a big scoop of corned beef hash (my fav) and some biscuits and gravy.

The hash was the biggest disappointment.  I think sitting in the warmer got the hash rather gummy and dry.  Quinton said it was even hard to swallow and I had to agree.  So sad.

The biscuits and gravy though, were really good.  The sausage gravy actually rivaled mine which is hard to do!! Flavorful, spicy, lots of pepper and the floury taste of the roux cooked out perfectly.

A couple cups of hot coffee and I was a happy camper.

Allison, in her quest to be different, ordered a breakfast sandwich and a cinnamon roll pancake.  This pancake was really big, light and airy, with a crisp outer coating of cinnamon and sugar.  All drizzled with a delicious glaze.  I think her eyes were a wee bit bigger than her belly though, as most of the pancake was brought home.

We all rolled out of there so full ready to take on the day!  Alas Jamie is done with Grand Valley but when I visit Allison next year I will most definitely return! Those whose kids go to Grand Valley, or those attending there make sure you go here. Plan on a wait and plan on getting stuffed!!



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