Boodles Mothers Day Buffet

Sorry, I just couldn’t come up with a clever title for this one.

Omar and I took our Moms to Boodles for their famous Mother’s day Brunch. In all the years we have been together, our mom’s have never met so we felt it was time. I had been to Boodles a very long time ago and took my mom and remembered it to be really good.  This trip did not disappoint.

We had reservations at 10, the earliest time slot of the day. We arrived slightly early and were surprised to find the door locked.  I was a bit worried they were not going to open at all, but lo and behold, they opened the doors right at 10.  We walked in with one other couple, and were surprised to see just a few other tables show up.  We basically had the place to ourselves!!  Our waitress said that the noon time slot really fills up. Maybe moms on Mothers Day just want to sleep in.

The food selections were amazing.  Chicken picatta, eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, beef in gravy, made to order crepes, fruit, peel and eat shrimp, salads galore, desert. I am sure I am missing a lot, but let’s just say it was very robust.  The food was hot and delicious.  We didn’t have to stand in any lines, or fight any crowds.  It felt like the restaurant was working just for us!

Our only complaint was that the coffee was lacking and only luke warm. They have one coffee maker and one pot for a whole restaurant.  I like a lot of strong hot coffee in the morning.  This coffee was none of those.

Other than than, a wonderful morning. We were all stuffed and had great conversation.  Looking for somewhere to go for Mother’s Day? This is your place!!


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