St. Thomas Day 2: Sunday: Rasta Disasta

Day 2 St. Thomas:

Heard about this huge Rastafarian farmers market (Bordeaux Farmers Market) on the west side of the island.  I was told there were farmers booths, crafts, music, prepared food booths, face painting, lots to do! We were excited to buy some local produce to work meals around and get some cool Rasta stuff.  When we arrived, the place was nearly empty.  We rushed to get their early, but learned our first lesson about “island time”. It had been raining quite hard all morning, and most farmers weren’t there yet and when we inquired, we were told “they get here when they feel like it”.

We packed up the cars and headed east.  We decided to take a trip into Red Hook, check out where our Tuesday cruise would leave, and do a little shopping. We ended up at a cute place called “Fish Tails”. It was noon, but our second experience of island time, we were told lunch wasn’t ready to be served for maybe 45 minutes.  That was fine with us. It was pouring rain, nothing but time on our hands, and they had booze ready. They even brought us some delicious parmesean grits to tide us over.

They had two really neat parrots that Jamie and Allison loved.  Chloe, not so much as the talons hurt her arm as you can see in her wincing picture.

Fish Tails food was really not worth waiting an hour or more for.  It was OK, not great.  We ordered a smoked tuna app, with fresh tortilla chips.  The dip was fresh and spicy. I ordered a cod sandwich with cole slaw and fresh cut fries.  The fish was crispy, but in hindsight I felt the greasiness of the sandwich and fries was not what I was craving!

The restaurant had a great view, right on the docks. Had a fun atmosphere with friendly waitstaff. However, the food is mediocre.  Caters to the masses of families and tourists.  Don’t think this is really a locals kind of hangout.

We headed out, and meandered around Red Hook, visiting gift shops and did some grocery shopping for supplies at Moe’s – highly recommended for groceries on the island.  Lots of selection and prices not nearly as scary as they have you believe. Now don’t get me wrong. A regular pack of bacon was $12.99. But meat and lots of other stuff very comparable to here.

As Beth had assigned Omar and I the daunting (kidding we love it) task of chief chef’s, we picked up supplies for lunches, and dinner that evening as we all decided a night by the pool with some cocktails was in order.

Omar and I made steak and chicken kabobs, rice pilaf, ceasar salad, grilled zuchinni and plantains.  It was may I say, the first good meal we had so far!!



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