St. Thomas Day 5 – Sapphire Beach

Ah Wednesday in Paradise.  Sipping coffee, looking out at Magen’s Bay planning the days events.  We decided to try a new beach, and settled on Sapphire Beach, close to Red Hook, where we had spent the last couple days.

Sapphire Beach is accessible via Sapphire Beach Resort, and it almost looks like you are intruding where you shouldn’t.  After being greeted by construction noises (we didn’t know the resort was under construction) we made our way in between the  buildings and made way to the white sandy beach.

This beach was a lot more commercialized.  They had vendor booths selling things like hats and jewelry. Locals playing with iguana for potential photo ops.  They had a lovely concierge which gave us a run down of the beach and amenities,  such as parasailing.

We sought out an area shaded by sea grape trees and settled in for the day.  There was a new bar/grill that opened on right on the beach, and a competing drink/food service that came around from the resort. Each had different menus and different options.  But always the usual island fare, chicken tenders, burgers, and mahi mahi wraps.

After a morning of sunning and swimming, we opted to order from both locations.  I ordered the tuna wrap that was on the menu of the new grill.  Seemed like a simple sandwich. However they seemed confused when we ordered a tuna salad wrap.  They actually made me a salad with tuna on top. When I said my fiance ordered the wrap, they said “no he didn’t”. Well I can’t argue what Omar did or did not order, so my request to simply put the ingredients into a wrap seemed so confusing.  The sandwich, when all said and done was very good and fresh.

After a barrage of mediocre fried food and a $100 food tab, and a few more hours of the sun we decided we would grill and hang around the villa at night.

Omar and I headed back to Moe’s to stock up on Steak, sides and necessities.  We grilled an awesome dinner of steaks, homemade garlic bread, left over rice pilaf, mac and cheese for the kids and Ceasar salad. The meat from Moe’s was exceptional!!

Sapphire Beach was beautiful and lots to do there. I would definitely recommend a stop there on your journeys.  A but rockier than Magen’s Bay, it also offered to more to see when snorkeling.


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