St. Thomas day 6 – Ladies Day Out

Thursday we ladies wanted to visit St. John.  The boys however, wanted to stay at Magen’s Bay.  We had heard that the beach at Trunk Bay was one of the most beautiful, most photographed beaches in the world, and had an underwater self-guided snorkel trail. We decided to split up for the day and we ladies headed for the ferry in Red Hook.

The ferry is easy to find and easy to navigate.  We expected some trouble getting to St. John but were pleasantly surprised when things went so smoothly.  After a short ferry ride, we debarked in St. John, and immediately found a cab driver ready to take us to Trunk Bay.  There are all sorts of horror stories about cabbies taking you off the beaten path and demanding large amounts of money to bring you back, but truth was, there were many reputable cab companies ready to take passengers for a pre-determined amount of money.

We gathered our cooler, and beach bags and headed for Trunk Bay.  The ranger gave us all the “talk” about not bringing in glass (a $500 fine PER container).

The beach did not disappoint. The sand was like walking on warm brown sugar.  With towering coconut trees, and plenty of sea grape trees for shade, we quickly rented some chairs and set up our camp for the day.

The water and beach were beyond beautiful.  Warm water, crystal clear, soft sandy bottom, beautiful views of the mountainous St. John.  The day was WINDY though and I mean windy.  Seems small wind tunnels came through periodically, taking chairs, hats, and umbrella with it.  The sand was constantly whipping up which gave the feeling of being sandblasted.  The water remained remarkably calm though, in spite of the wind.

We started out drinking some adult beverages. The food/drink shack had frozen drinks, mango, strawberry, peach, passion fruit, all mixed with rum.  However, don’t ask to mix two flavors!! It simply can’t be done! (Even though she just dumped mixers in).

We ordered lunch, after securing a second mortgage on our houses, LOL, and ordered the standard pedestrian fare of burgers, chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches.  After yet another $100 lunch bill, we were informed to cover ourselves because the sea gulls would attack, and did they ever! The man leaving the snack stand looked like Tippy Henren running from the attacking flock.  Since the birds were distracted by him, we managed to make it back to our blanket.  I was eating my mediocre burger when a seagull flew up and tried to grab it right out of my hand! Scared the begeebies out of me!

Parents were protecting small children from the birds hungry wrath. People screaming, lunch was chaos!

After a long day of sunny and swimming, we grabbed a cab, a nice open cabbed vehicle that literally puts benches in the back of a truck bed.  There was a nice netting though that kept us safe!! Haha.  WE wanted to explore St. JOhn, but as we were loaded down with coolers and beach bags we opted to just take the ferry back to St. Thomas which went without a hitch, grabbed our car and headed back to the villa.

The boys had an amazing time as boys do at Magens Bay, drinking, flirting, throwing a ball around, flexing their muscles, whatever boys do when their better halves are not there.  We heard (over and over) how nice a day they had sans bickering ladies.  We had a nice testosterone free day as well!!

The rest of the evening we just hung at the villa, swapping stories of the day, about all the lovely ladies drooling over our sexy men, and they amazing ability to beat them all off with a stick.  Hahaha


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