Sat down at Prickly Pear – good thing not ON one!

I decided to take a day trip to Ann Arbor to go check out Jamie (my daughter) and her boyfriend (Quinton’s) new apartment and take them out for lunch. They have a really cute apartment directly across from U of M, convenient for Quinton who is finishing graduate school there. Jamie is commuting to U of D Mercy where she is working on her Physician Assistant degree.  We decided to walk to main street, since almost everyone walks everywhere in Ann Arbor. An easy 400 block journey (kidding, just seemed like 400 blocks).  Ann Arbor is such an amazing town.  The energy in the air with all the students walking around and all the hustle and bustle.  Main street was just a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and eclectic shops. You can get a massage, buy some candles, and eat some Mexican food all within the same block!

We decided to go to Prickly Pear.  A southwest café, with a new age twist, with offerings for both carnivores and vegetarians alike.  As we were still in the Sunday morning brunch window, Quinton ordered the chorizo omelet.  An omelet made with cheese and chorizo sausage, with a side of fried potatoes.  Funny enough, the table next to us sent is back saying “it was not what they expected” but Quinton thought it was really good.

Jamie ordered a trio of tostadas.  They were supposed to served as one each corn & tamatillo tostada, avocado & cojita cheese tostada, and black bean salsa tostada, served with salsa verde, She however, got one with Portobello mushroom.  This make excite some but for Jamie since we both abhor mushrooms, was a huge disappointment, If you are going to substitute off the menu, let someone know.

I ordered the Beef Brisket burrito, served with a side of rice and beans. The burrito was really good, and what looked like a small lunch plate was so filling!

We also ordered chips and salsa and a side of guacamole. The chips were hot and fresh, the salsa and guacamole obviously made fresh, as they were both delicious.

The only complaint of the day, and completely outside the control of the restaurant was the bees.  We decided to sit outside on the quaint patio are to people watch, but were bombarded by bees.  Or should I say wasps.  Omar will correct me if I say bees. It just happened to be that end of the season bee loving time.

Lunch was great and a nice walk back to their apartment. I would definitely recommend a trip here when in Ann Arbor.  I want to go back soon, there are just so many places to see and visit!


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