Vivios Part Duex – Warren

In a previous post, Omar wrote about our visit to Vivio’s in Eastern Market.  How surprised we were to discover a great little restaurant we had walked by so many times before.  We found out they also have a location in Warren, on 12 Mile just West of Ryan.  Omar and I were looking for something new to do, and we enjoyed the Detroit one so much, we decided to check it out.

The restaurant feels much more like a bar than a restaurant, They had a live band starting in a few hours,vivios games on the TV’s (the owner is an obvious Pittsburgh Steelers fan because there was memorabilia everywhere and rumor has people just keep bringing him more stuff).

The Bloody Mary menu was more limited than the one in Detroit, so we each ordered just the classic Bloody Mary.  I have to say, if it was a competition, Vivio’s Detroit would win hands down.  We decided to order a couple things and split them to get a good representation of the menu. They said their pizza was amazing so we ordered that along with a burger and fries.  The burger was good. Juicy, the right bun, and served with really good fries.  The pizza however was rather disappointing.  It was frozen pizza-esque  and although was edible, it did nothing for us as far as wanted to repeat the experience. Lets just say the leftovers we took home did not get eaten, which is rare.

I don’t think I would return unless I was with other people who wanted to go. They did have a rather good craft beer menu, which was a nice surprise, but the food, nor the drink was really good enough to entice us back.  Not a bad, but a mediocre experience.

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