Would You Like Samoa Pie?


So you may have saw the recipe going around Facebook for the Girl Scout Samoa Pie. If you haven’t, I have attached a picture (left) and the link here. Basically, it is a creamy, caramely, gooey pic covered with caramel, coconut and chocolate. I was finally having my mom over to celebrate Christmas, yes, don’t judge, we have been crazy busy.  I needed a dessert, so thought I would attempt a Facebook recipe.  Now I made the recipe according to the directions, but I must say, the creamy pie portion just didn’t firm up as expected.  The dessert resulted in, although tasty, a gooey mess.

Fast forward to the next week, I decided to change up the recipe and create my own Samoa Pie.  Here is how I changed it:

I bought a store bought chocolate pie crust (this one was Oreo).  To that, I added a layer of cream cheese mixture (4 oz. cream cheese, 1/2 c cream cheese and about 4 oz. cool whip.) beat these together and spread on bottom of pie. Anyone ever making the Oreo pie, or similar will recognize this step.

Then I added a layer of caramel sauce, drizzled, not too think (I used Ghiradelli’s, you can find by ice cream or in baking).

Next layer, a layer of instant Jello brand caramel pudding.

Let firm up in fridge for a bit, then add your cool whip topping, layer of coconut/caramel mix (1 C coconut mixed with 1/2 C caramel sauce).

Drizzle with melted chocolate and viola! Same great tastes, perhaps even more complex, but none of that gooey mess I had before.

I even had extra layer mixes, so in order to accommodate more people than pie, I made these adorable mini deserts.

I think adding chopped pecans would have just vaulted this recipe into the stratosphere, but alas, I did not have any.

Here is what my desserts looked like! Happy Eating!

img_3629 img_3630

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