Peking-a-Boo House

Peking House is our go to restaurant when our company goes out and we are hankering Asian food. We have even catered it in for a few events. Peking House has been suffering recently with the addition of a new parking structure just North of the restaurant. It has been a mess for months, making the restaurant hard to access and parking a pain. I have heard rumors they may close, albeit temporarily while they are under fire.

The restaurant is kind of nice, with a lazy susan style table, where food can be shared and passed easily. Meals start with Chinese crackers and a sweet, sour and spicy dip, which is pretty decent. Eggs rolls are ok, not my favorite, and usually brought with spilled (and very hot) Asian mustard. The wonton soup is good, but comparable to most Chinese restaurants in the area. Good, but nothing special.  I personally find their food just, well, meh. My coworkers rave about the chicken with string beans and black beam sauce, but I have not tried.  The dishes I have tried fall into the mediocre category.

Peking House is one of those places you will go to, may go again, but won’t rave about nor will you feel compelled to tell all your friends. Go there if you are nearby, but don;t go out of your way for.

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