Scrambling to find a good breakfast??

When searching for a good breakfast restaurant I am pretty picky.  I look for the trifecta of breakfast deliciousness.  I need three things to satisfy my breakfast cravings. 1. Good food, of course.  2. International Delight Vanilla individual creamers 3. Orange Marmalade.

I have yet to find a restaurant that satisfies all three requirements.  Here are some of my go to restaurants in no particular order.

Rams Horn – Dequindre & 13.  Great staff, good food. NO vanilla creamer, orange marmalade is a hit or miss. Sometimes I get lucky.

Country Chef, Dequindre & 14 – My dads favorite restaurant. Owners very nice.  Good food, plenty of it. NO vanilla creamer, but they do have orange marmalade.

Jimmy’s Coney Island – Dequindre & 16 – Food is meh, the DO have both vanilla creamer and orange marmalade. I try to avoid Jimmys as meh food is more important than lack of orange marmalade.

Angelos Avenue Grille – Van Dyke & 15 – Food is OK. I like to eat the polish food for breakfast, like a plate of perogies.  They DO have vanilla creamer, but alas, no orange marmalade.

Fino’s in Waterford on Dixie Highway. Food is pretty good.  Stay away from the corned beef hash though, just mediocre.  They have these giant sausage links that Omar REALLY loves!!  They do not have creamer, but they do have a very extensive fancy gourmet coffee menu, and they make a toffee coffee frappe that Omar loves.  Alas, one of the things I miss about living in Clarkston.

I am sure there are more, but for now, hopefully, my breakfast reviews have been an “eye opener”.