Great Baraboo-boos

We were heading out to a show with our friends (and big shout out to fellow food and brew aficionados) Ray and Denise Jasion. As the place we were heading to (that shall remain nameless) has very expensive food and beer we opted to dine nearby at the Great Baraboo Brewing Company in Clinton Township. They have a nice patio, large menu, large beer selection and close by our destination, so seemed like a perfect place.

Now, this is not our first visit here. Omar and I have always had decent food and a decent experience.  Good, not great, but on a 80+ beautiful summer night we needed to be outside.  Our visit however, was indeed a boo-boo from the start.

First, we convinced Ray to join us in ordering a flight a beers. Great Baraboo has their own brews and well as a number of “guest” taps form around the area. Great Baraboo is going through some changes, so their beers are being cut back while they revamp their brewing process (at least that’s what the waitress told us). They had a good number of interesting guest taps so we decided on the sampler.  We thought and scrutinized our selections to get the right 6 beers, only to be told after we turned them in that “guest taps” were not allowed on the flights, sorry.  We then got to pick from the mere 6 beers they have, very IPA heavy, so we decided against that.  You may want to mention that in the menu!!

Omar ordered a guest tap – North Coast Brewing Company, Old Rasputin Nitro.  It was heavy, with a whopping 9.0 abv, and served in a tulip glass.  We expected raspberry overtones, but didn’t really get too strong a fruit vibe on this one.

I ordered a “Juniper” Ale whose name is escaping me. Also served in  tulip glass, aged in gin barrels, it was smooth and strong!

Ray ordered an Erik the Red, and the lady at the next table was ordering a simple pilsner, and our waitress kept mixing them up.  A red beer and a pilsner are not hard to tell apart. Our waitress however, was not the brightest star in the sky.

I decided to order the prime rib special. I know, its crazy to order prime rib at a place that isn’t known for that (like don’t order a burger at a Chinese restaurant, it will not be good).  But they had me at “garlic horseradish mashed potatoes”.  The food was served, sans Omar’s, who was waiting patiently for a while until the waitress said “did you hear they dropped your burger on the floor” like it was funny.

My prime rib, ordered medium rare did not have even the slightest hint of pink.  I usually never do it, but I sent it back.  Medium, ok I could have lived with, but well done? Geeze.  The second Prime rib was slightly better, maybe a medium well, but I was hungry and we had to leave.  The prime rib was still flavorful, the au jus tasty and the mashed potatoes did not disappoint. Hand smashed, skin on, with garlic and horseradish (not too much) and seasoned perfect.  Just fill my belly with these, really.

Omar finally got his burger.  Not so much as an apology from the manager for our overcooked and dropped food, or the mix ups of the beers.  C’est La Vie.  It is what it is.

Our adventures at our show I will keep to myself as I has free tickets and do not want to be petty. 🙂

Thanks to Paul and Val Leo for meeting us, and paying for our beers event though you shouldn’t have!!

Yeah the food was ok. Beer was cold, weather was great, show was mediocre, show pizza was an abomination, but it was nice to see friends we don’t see often. A good excuse for an evening out.