Das pancake ist gut!

I recently tried an apple German pancake recipe that I saw on Facebook.  If you like sweet breakfast it will make your morning. I have seen these before in places that specialize in breakfast like the Pantry. So I wanted to try it out first on my daughter.

The recipe is very easy and I followed it but both Sami and I thought it needed more apples and flavor. However she ate it all anyway. It puffs up nicely like a cinnamon sugary souffle.

My advice would be to add at least one more apple and more cinnamon and brown sugar as well.  I did so when I cooked this for my beautiful Jen the next morning. She thought it was very tasty but could have used a little acidity. I agreed a small squeeze of lemon juice would have really elevated this.

So, instead of spending 8-9 dollars on pancakes, make this yourself and tweak the recipe as you like it. A simple breakfast treat that will have people thinking your a star in the kitchen.  Auf Weidersehen, herren und damen.

First pic is my pancake, and the second from the original Facebook post.

You can see the Facebook video HERE.

IMG_2126 pancake