Remembering Our Beginning at Fillipis Wine Barrel

One of our first dates was at Filippa’s Wine Barrel in Shelby Township. Our first time there we cozied up in wrap around booth for 2, shared some appetizers, had a few drinks and had a really nice time. Not sure if it was the restaurant, or the great company we were sharing. Either way, we decided on a whim to go back again.

This day, July 2, 2017 was a warm beautiful summer day. We chose a table on the small patio out back. Now the patio is a much more casual setting than the white table clothed, candle lit tables inside. The tables are simple wrought iron mesh tables, and simple bistro style chairs. Simple umbrellas surrounded by lush greenery for privacy and an outdoor fully stocked bar.

We started our evening with a couple cocktails, enjoying conversation and the relaxing atmosphere of the patio. We both ordered the “house specialty” Prime Rib, along with Caesar salad and baked potato. The Caesar salad, was decent, lacking that extra tang from fresh anchovy and lemon, but good nonetheless. The prime rib was disappointing as both our meals were grossly overcooked. A prime rib cooked anymore than medium rare is simply a travesty. The baked potato was underwhelming as well, but in all seriousness, what do you expect from a baked potato with a bit of butter and dollop of sour cream.

When desert rolled around, as usual Omar and I were simply too full to order. At this point, a light rain started to fall. We decided to wrap up our dinner quickly before the sky opened up and soaked us.

Overall, Filippa’s Wine Barrel is a nice restaurant, the staff is always friendly and although our meal was overcooked that evening, we have had good food in the past.

If you have not visited this restaurant, it is worth a trip. Keep expectations at a minimum and enjoy the nice patio on a sunny summers day.