Green Lantern is indeed a super hero

Last night, to celebrate my Dad’s return back home after a lengthy stay in a rehabilitation unit (long story) we decided to take him to Green Lantern, as it is his favorite pizza joint (as it is most of ours).  I don’t really feel a blog is necessary, as everyone I know already knows and loves Green Lantern, as it is a local Madison Heights hangout, but as there may just be one person out there who hasn’t been there, this blog is for you.

Green Lantern, has clearly one of the best pizzas I have ever had. The crust is crispy and doughy, and the sauce is like none I have ever had.  The cheese and toppings are fresh and plentiful.  The pepperoni, are those special crispy round delights, that curl and allow pools of artery clogging grease to form.

Last night, we inadvertently ordered the deep dish, now mind you, I hate to veer from the norm as it is so good (which is just the regular round with pepperoni). The deep dish (I am told, I didn’t eat it) was delicious, and super filling.  My Dad managed to out-eat my brother and Omar!! I didn’t eat it because they ordered mushrooms on it, which I find appalling.

I however, ordered a personal sized BLT pizza.  Yes, this pizza had lettuce and mayonnaise on it, and bacon and tomatoes.  I think Green Lantern was one of the first to serve this pizza (at least the first I heard of it and that is the story I am sticking with). Sounds weird I know, but it is really delicious. Like an open faced sandwich on really good flat bread.

The new candied bacon they added to the menu comes out crispy, both sweet and spicy with a combination of brown sugar and cayenne. I know everyone lately has been on a bacon craze so we had to try it.  I didn’t think it would be as good as it was but it really is a must order.

Their antipasto salad is decent. Nothing super notable. It has fresh ingredients and comes with some simple but yummy garlic bread.  They put a hard-boiled egg on it, which is different and I like that addition, but yesterday sadly, my salad was lacking the egg. The mound of shaved onions on top is a bit much, but easy to remove.

Although I didn’t order one yesterday, which by the way is really unusual for me, I must take a sec to discuss their Italian sub.  The sub is Italian lunch meat on a great Grecian roll. They thing that knocks this simple sandwich out of the park is the amazing coleslaw.  It is vinegar based and adds a bite, both with a crunch and with acid to the sandwich. It is really good.

Lastly, I must add that Green Lantern has expanded their beer selection to include craft beers, which is great. Omar’s and my favorite? Mill Street Vanilla Porter.  Comes ice cold, with a frosted glass.  The beer is rich, robust with a thick, creamy head (out of context that sounds bad – LOL). Leaves that trail of painted off-white lace on the sides of the glass as you drink the beer down.  It is, as its name implies, vanilla-y and malty, with overtones of caramel and hint of chocolate. This beer is definitely creamier that other porters I have had and Yummy!!

To wrap this up, Green Lantern is good food, simply done.  The way food is supposed to be.