Don’t bet the farm!

Jen and I were at Eastern Market last week looking around like we frequently do in the summer. We were hungry for breakfast so we decided to try the Farmers Restaurant. We were encouraged, because their sign said that were famous for their corned beef. Also, the place was packed which is usually a good sign.

Jen and I wanted to split a meal because we had heard that the portion sizes were large, so we ordered the homemade corned beef hash which came with toast and 3 eggs any style.  The server was prompt so we quickly ordered the hash with rye toast and poached eggs. Now I personally love cutting into a poached egg that is sitting on top of a pile of savory corned beef hash. I love the way the creamy yolk spills all over the hash.

At least thats the way it should be, but not what we got. Jen and I tend to make our own corned beef hash so we are definitely snobs when it comes to this breakfast treat. What we were served was very disappointing. First, the toast was cold. Second,the poached eggs were so overcooked that they were hard as bullets. No creamy yolks for me. Lastly, the corned beef hash, albeit a very large portion had several flaws. The onions in the hash were under cooked and greasy, while the corned beef was plentiful, the potatoes were not. The corned beef looked like grilled sliced lunch meat that was very fatty. It just seemed like a thrown together greasy mess. Underwhelming does not even begin to describe how we felt considering Wigleys corned beef is located down the road.

Look, maybe other things on the menu are good, don’t know but our breakfast was not! If you do go here do not get the hash, but better yet walk down to Vivios and have a bloody mary and a corned beef sandwich.

Vivios Part Duex – Warren

In a previous post, Omar wrote about our visit to Vivio’s in Eastern Market.  How surprised we were to discover a great little restaurant we had walked by so many times before.  We found out they also have a location in Warren, on 12 Mile just West of Ryan.  Omar and I were looking for something new to do, and we enjoyed the Detroit one so much, we decided to check it out.

The restaurant feels much more like a bar than a restaurant, They had a live band starting in a few hours,vivios games on the TV’s (the owner is an obvious Pittsburgh Steelers fan because there was memorabilia everywhere and rumor has people just keep bringing him more stuff).

The Bloody Mary menu was more limited than the one in Detroit, so we each ordered just the classic Bloody Mary.  I have to say, if it was a competition, Vivio’s Detroit would win hands down.  We decided to order a couple things and split them to get a good representation of the menu. They said their pizza was amazing so we ordered that along with a burger and fries.  The burger was good. Juicy, the right bun, and served with really good fries.  The pizza however was rather disappointing.  It was frozen pizza-esque  and although was edible, it did nothing for us as far as wanted to repeat the experience. Lets just say the leftovers we took home did not get eaten, which is rare.

I don’t think I would return unless I was with other people who wanted to go. They did have a rather good craft beer menu, which was a nice surprise, but the food, nor the drink was really good enough to entice us back.  Not a bad, but a mediocre experience.

Vini, Vidi, Vici, Vivio!

My beautiful Jen and I always try to go to Eastern Market a few times a year. We always come back with a ton of tomatoes that we share with my folks. This year we decided to eat at Vivios. We heard that the place has good food and is famous for their Bloody Marys. Now this place is not easy to get into,it is always packed from breakfast until they close. They had a hostess outside with a podium taking reservations, so we put our name in the queue and walked around until they called us 30 mins later.

Well they didn’t call us as planned cuz they were so busy,but said we could sit at the bar so we did. Now it is a friendly place with all kinds of people,from families with little kids to groups of friends waiting to be seated,and this was all before noon!

Jen and I scoped out a place at the bar and promptly sat down. We were greeted by a friendly bartender who said they were changing kitchen from breakfast to lunch so we would have to wait about 15 mins to order lunch. However the bar was open so we ordered some cocktails,two bloody marys. Jen ordered the classic which had spicy vodka which they infuse on the premises. It also had a pickle slice in it. Now mine had spicy vodka a pickle slice with a smoky paprika sea salt rimmed glass. But wait there is more. It also had a large toothpick straddling the glass that had some prosciutto and cheese flanked by two jumbo shrimp. Yeah who needs lunch now? We tried each others drink and deemed them both wonderful concoctions fit for a king and queen.

We decided to each order a sandwich and split it. Jen ordered the Dinty Moore and I ordered the muffalata. The Dinty Moore was really tasty with ooey gooey cheese. The Mufalatta is usually a sandwich common in Nawlins (New Orleans). It is Italian meats and cheeses and an olive tapenade served on a round hollowed out bread. Now the sandwich was good but not great,I think I couldn’t get past the fact that it was not on the right bread. Either way we enjoyed ourselves and would return again. For those of you who do not wish to travel to Detroit, they have a location in Warren on 12 mile between Ryan and Dequindre.