Used our Brain at Tavern on the Main

Valentines Day, how romantic. Wine, flowers, candy, fine dining. STOP! Valentines Day this year was on a Wednesday. The last thing I wanted to do was fight crowds to go some fancy dinner that we didn’t even feel like. Wednesday nights you can usually find us playing trivia at a local pub by our house which I won’t mention. We called said local pub who informed us that trivia wouldn’t happen that night or any other. Humm… interesting development. I searched the two local live trivia sites we frequent, Quizzo and Sporacle and found a local place that had trivia that night.

We headed to Tavern on the Main, in Clawson, on Main Street (duh!). We were not expecting much. Expecting a small bar-type atmosphere with a limited bar menu. What we found though was a nice surprise. The restaurant has two separate dining areas. The first in the front part of the restaurant, and the second through a door into an area where the bar was. The set up was a bit odd, but maybe families like to avoid the bar area? The entire place is very stylish, and well maintained. Clean, cute, welcoming the place had it all. Greek owned, has a very Greek inspired menu, and the management (and owner) were so helpful and friendly. We made our way to the bar area to settle in for some trivia. The place was hopping. I didn’t know, wish I did we could make reservations, but the staff was very accommodating in trying to get us a seat. Two seats opened up at the bar, so we opted to just sit there.  The bartender was immediately attentive and friendly. Answering questions and offering samples of the beers on draft.

We both ordered the Olympus Salad. A traditional Greek with slices of Gyro meat. The salad was large, fresh, ample amount of meat and warm pita bread to accompany. The salad was delicious. A far cry from the bagged salad swill that we received from the other local-trivia placed that I did not mention. I am sorry beer lovers, we are remiss and I forgot the name of the beer we drank. It was a draft stout that we had never heard of. My bad. Will follow up next time with a beer review. The trivia was fun, although we were up against not only a bunch of big teams but very smart ones as well. Our two “man” team has to really work to keep up with the combined intellect of a 8-10 person team, but we held our own and even managed to score third place and won a gift certificate for our next visit, which there most certainly will be!

Looking forward to warmer weather, makes me want to note that this place even has a charming looking patio out front for your outdoor dining enjoyment.

Overall a great experience. I even told Omar after a trip to the beautiful bathroom “I kinda love this place”. We will be back. Look for us on a Wednesday playing trivia, eating salad and enjoying a cold (they were cold) draft beer.

Wrap it up!!

Went to the new Boukie’s Grill for a work lunch on Wednesday.  Boukie’s is in Royal Oak at 11 Mile and Main and touts itself as a “Fine Mix of American, Greek and Lebanese Food”.

They have a large menu, and a smaller restaurant.  In nicer weather, they have a patio where you can eat outside, with lovely views of 11 Mile Road and a delightful view of the side of the building.

For lunch, they have a smaller lunch portion sized menu with salads, combination plates and sandwiches. They start your meal as all good Mediterranean/Greek/Lebanese restaurants do, with hot fresh bread and that killer garlic emulsion.  I ordered the beef schwarma sandwich (although a wee bit put off when they call it generic meat schwarma and not beef) which came with soup or salad and I upgraded to the fries.  The Lentil soup and schwarma wrap were very good and I could have, and wished I did, stop there, but I ordered fries too.  Imagine my disappointment when battered fries were served.  I really need to learn my lesson!

A good lunch, a bit on the pricier side for a comparable meal (I walked away spending $12 and I just got water). But overall, I would go again.

After lunch, we walked down to Royal Oak’s newest restaurant, La Dulce, a Spanish Tapas (small bite) and Churro restaurant with a fabulous decor of hand made Spanish furniture and art, set up like a friend’s living room, with intimate seating.  We looked at the menu and it looks really interesting… look for more to come…..