All Primed Up for Happy Hour

If it is one thing we love, its happy hour. Cheap(er) drinks, food, small bites, early eating to avoid the crowd, what can be better? I had the day off Friday and Omar and I had big plans for fun and relaxation. We had our pool opening scheduled for what we thought was the early morning. We planned on hitting Ocean Prime’s happy hour early, enjoy some drinks and snacks and continue our evening somewhere else.

As what typically happens to the the best laid plans, is something always comes along to throw a monkey wrench in the works. Today was the pool guys showing up at 3:30. Although I have to say, they are always quick and efficient. They were on their way out the door at about 5 and so were we.

Ocean Prime has a nice happy hour, but just in their bar area (as most do). They have a lovely patio with couches and tables, but was a bit cold that day. They have an indoor lounge area, cozy, elegant, with a grand piano for entertainment. Today we had a young man playing guitar and singling classics like Bill Withers that seemed to old for his young soul, but was very enjoyable. He was very talented.

We enjoyed the music and ordered a couple drinks. A “Bubble and Berry” for me, and Omar ordered a classic Old Fashioned. The Bubble and Berry was muddled berries and fruit, champagne and a bit of dry ice for that smokey exotic fun. I expected a burst of sugary sweet syrup, but was pleasantly surprised for a delicious drink that was not too sweet at all. Our awesome waiter John, really recommenced a cucumber gimlet. I am not a fan of muddled cucumber so I passed. He was so sure I would like it, he brought me a small drink to try and I have to say, it was nice and light. A great pool side cocktail (mental note taken!)

Omar’s Old Fashioned was made perfect, in a nice high ball glass and a sphere cube of ice. So good in fact, I ordered one for my second beverage!!

Omar ordered the oysters (not on the happy hour menu) and Tuna Tartare. I was having a hard time deciding and John again said to try the lamb lollipops (best in the area). I am not a fan of lamb unless it is ground and mixed with many spices. I ordered the chop chop salad with a club dressing, and french onion soup.

Omar said the oysters although small, had nice flavor. But the Tuna Tartare was exceptional. Fresh tuna, atop a bed of avocado and soft noodles. My salad was really good and the dressing light. Kind of their play on a antipasto, it was hearty and really filling. The french onion soup was good, not great. The soup itself was a bit underwhelming and needed a punch of beef and onion flavor. Didn’t stop me from eating the whole bowl I should mention. And that darn John, awesome as he was brought out a lamb lollipop to prove how good they were. I must say even though not a fan, it was the least gamey lamb I had in a long time.

What a nice experience. The lounge is comfortable, and entertainment, food and drinks top notch. Was a bit pricey for happy hour I must say but we did order much of the food off the main dinner menu. Definitely worth going again. Especially on a nice summer night where we can enjoy the outdoor patio.

The Great Mojito Challenge

So Omar and I headed to Bonefish Grill for our occasional Wednesday night Bang Bang Shrimp and Mojito/Manhatten night. Our favorite waiter Colin was tied up on the other end of the bar, and Steve, who we have never met asked what we were drinking, I ordered my standard Mojito, but asked that Colin, who was on the other side of the bar make it as his were so good.  That led to the great Mojito challenge.

My second drink, which I wasn’t going to have, had to be made by Steve, it was for good cause after all. Steve wanted to prove that his Mojito would be just as good, if not better than Colin’s. His drink was very good, light, refreshing, the right hint of muddled mint.  Colin, however, adds just a hint more lime, which I like. Both really good, but I think I have to give the award to Colin, who maintains his title of best Mojito maker, actually as best Old Fashioned maker as well.  On Old Fashioned, for those of you not knowing your whiskey cocktails, is a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind. His Old Fashioned are what Omar compares all Old Fashioneds to.

Omar and I have been trying a lot of new dishes at Bonefish.  The burgers are ok. Not unexpected as you are ordering a burger from a restaurant that specializes in fish.  Lately, I feel like I have been sticking to some bang bang shrimp and a wedge salad.  Just enough food to fill me up but not enough to make me feel like you have to roll me out.

The food here is always consistently good, and the staff friendly.  It is a nice date night to just go sit by the bar, nibble on some appetizers and engaging in some good conversation.

I have said it before, we both recommend Bonefish, especially for ½ off bang bang shrimp on Wednesdays.  Just don’t take our seats at the bar!!

Bonefish Grill Steve and Colin